One Byrde in Hande (CD)

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Richard Egarr

Richard Egarr’s impressive career, both as a solo keyboardist and conductor (notably with the Academy of Ancient Music), has cemented his reputation as one of the UK’s most compelling musicians.

In his debut solo recording for Linn, Egarr charts the extraordinary breadth of invention at play in works by William Byrd.

One of English music’s most influential figures, Byrd’s innovative style is evident throughout this well-chosen program of preludes, grounds and fantasies.

The Fantasia in A minor, MB13 demonstrates the unlimited scope of Byrd’s imagination; intricate rhythms, surprising modulations and changing textures precede a finale requiring a previously unequalled level of dexterous virtuosity.

Egarr similarly relishes the technical demands of Byrd’s descriptive masterpiece, The bells. This incredible composition begins with a single toll before developing into an elaborate and thrillingly complex showpiece of pealing bells.

Egarr’s elegant phrasing, infectious enthusiasm and rich embellishments result in insightful performances.

Track Listing:

1. Prelude, MB12
2. Fantasia, MB13
3. Prelude, MB1
4. Ground, MB9
5. Ground, MB43
6. Pavan and Galliard, MB16: Pavan
7. Pavan and Galliard, MB16: Galliard
8. Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la, MB64
9. Ut, mi, re, MB65
10. Fantasia, MB62
11. Lachrymae Pavan, MB54
12. Prelude, MB24
13. Fantasia, MB25
14. The bells, MB38