Richard Strauss: Concertante Works (CD)

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Julie Price, Tasmin Little, Michael McHale, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Michael Collins

The Romanze is Strauss’ first attempt at writing for a soloist and orchestra. The influence of Mozart’s piano concertos, which Strauss was studying at the time, is apparent, not least in the writing for solo clarinet and the orchestral bassoon, and re-visited by Strauss in his final instrumental work the Duett-Concertino from 1947. Like other of his late compositions, this work seems to reject the full-blown expressionism for which we know Strauss best, and reflects a more neo-classical sound. Another early work, the Violin Concerto was first performed in 1882, and demonstrates Strauss’ growing technical skill and developing compositional voice. Strauss ultimately came to distance himself from a piece which he presumably regarded as unrepresentative of his mature style. Many commentators on the works of Strauss have felt that the Burleske was a significant turning point in his development, seemingly pointing the way ahead to the technical dexterity and emotional palette of his later tone poems. Originally written for Strauss’s mentor in Dresden Hans von Bülow, the work was premiered by Eugen d’Albert, in 1890 following von Bülow’s rejection of the work.

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Gramophone Magazine

"It’s fascinating to hear the music of the developing composer brought to life in this dedicated performance [of the Romanze] by Collins…Little’s interpretation [of the Violin Concerto] is wonderfully sympathetic and the accompaniment under Collins is first-class… The Duett-Concertino, Strauss’s final work in the genre, also receives a lovely performance… All four works are superbly recorded."

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Burleske for Piano and orchestra in D minor, AV85
Michael McHale (piano)
BBC Symphony Orchestra, Michael Collins

Duett-Concertino for Clarinet, Bassoon & Strings, AV147
Julie Price (bassoon), Michael Collins (clarinet)
BBC Symphony Orchestra

Romanze, TrV 80
Michael Collins (clarinet)
BBC Symphony Orchestra

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, TRV 110
Tasmin Little (violin)
BBC Symphony Orchestra, Michael Collins