Tasmin Little plays Franck, Szymanowski, and Fauré (CD)

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Tasmin Little & Piers Lane

The indefatigable duo of Tasmin Little and Piers Lane returns with a unique recorded programme at the centre of which stand the violin sonatas of Szymanowski and Franck.

Their joined expert musicianship reveals the intimacy and magic of these passionate, lateromantic works. The album encompasses the folk like yet technically demanding Romance, Violin Sonata, and Notturno e Tarantella by Szymanowski, here more inspired by the German and French romantic tradition than by his native Polish one, as well as Franck’s highly original Violin Sonata and Fauré’s Romance.

It follows a much-lauded set of Schubert’s complete works for violin and piano (Album of the Week in the Mail on Sunday), and also marks the eightieth anniversary of Szymanowski’s death. Tasmin Little will continue her tribute to the composer with a concerto album this autumn and with a series of concerts of his music, which will take her around the world.

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César Franck: Violin Sonata in A Major, M. 8

I. Allegretto ben moderato
II. Allegro
III. Recitativo - Fantasia: Ben moderato - Molto lento
IV. Allegretto poco mosso

Gabriel Fauré: Romance in B-Flat Major, Op. 28

Romance in B-Flat Major, Op. 28

Karol Szymanowski: Violin Sonata in D Minor, Op. 9

I. Allegro moderato, patetico
II. Andantino tranquillo e dolce
III. Finale: Allegro molto, quasi presto

Karol Szymanowski: Romance in D Major, Op. 23

Romance in D Major, Op. 23

Karol Szymanowski: Nocturne & Tarantella, Op. 28



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Gramophone Magazine
May 2017
 “Warmth, tonal bloom, agility and a feeling of oneness with the instrument that spins the illusion that for the duration [Little] is the violin. These are wholesome, red-blooded performances, direct and deeply satisfying, with no lack of imagination”
The Guardian

23rd April 2017
 “Szymanowski’s Sonata Op 9 (1904), expansive and romantic with some of the grandeur of Franck’s sonata, has energy and poetry. The second movement, with its yearning melody and mawkish pizzicato interventions, beguiles and charms. Little is one of the most open-hearted players around, with a watertight virtuosity to match. These are direct and generous performances to savour.”

Classical Ear
May 2017

“Such dazzlingly assured, unflinchingly communicative music-making, this, vividly captured by the microphones.”

BBC Music Magazine

June 2017
 “In a performance alternately as gutsy and subtle as this, [the Szymanowski is] completely riveting. The folk-inflected central movement brings some almost Rachmaninovian writing for the piano, which Lane projects superbly, and [the] energy overflows into the highly-strung Romance, before the more oriental world of the Notturno and the crackling virtuosity of the Tarantella – a long way from the calm of the Franck which started the CD”

May 2017

 “Fauré’s Romance is rarely recorded on its own, usually getting tucked into a corner of complete cycles of the composer’s music for violin and piano. A charming piece in the usual song form, it has a lyrical main theme and a rather agitated contrasting central section. Little and Lane play it as beautifully as they can, the violinist employing a touch of portamento, and it makes a pleasant bridge to the sterner stuff of Szymanowski’s Sonata.”

MusicWeb International

30th May 2017
“I greatly enjoyed this recital and hope that this team will give us more, such as, for example, the Fauré sonatas (she has already recorded the first, with Martin Roscoe), and Szymanowski’s Mythes, his finest work for this combination.”

The Strad

July 2017

“A powerful, strongly performed recital from an outstanding duo.”

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