Aspects (CD)

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Aquarelle Guitar Quartet

With this new album, the Aquarelle Guitar Quartet draws a portrait of different aspects of the music they love and perform.

From the baroque to the contemporary, from bluegrass to jazz, from romantic to Latin, the album includes original works for four guitars, arrangements that have been made by members of the group, and even a new work written especially for this project. Aspects is both retrospective and prospective, including favourites which the Quartet has been performing for many years and also pieces which it has learnt specifically for this recording and which will form the basis of new concert programmes in the future.

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Ginastera:    Danzas Argentinas (3), Op. 2
Henshall:    Welsh Dance No. 2
Houghton:    Opals
Marin, CM:    Flippen (The Flip)
Pritchard, David:    Stairs
Rivera, C: Cumba-Quin
Rossini:    L'Italiana in Algeri Overture
York, A:    Quiccan