Haydn: Piano Sonatas, Volume 5 (CD)

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Jean-Efflam Bavouzet

We have now reached Volume 5 in Jean-Efflam Bavouzet’s project to record the complete piano sonatas of Haydn.

Many leading pianists have tackled these, at times technically challenging classical sonatas, but in Bavouzet’s own words, this is a composer who always left the door open for new interpretations: ‘One often forgets how little information Haydn left in the text of his keyboard works: few instructions on nuance and phrasing, and very minimal tempo indications. Playing them is all the more fascinating for that, but it is also arduous and even risky for the performer, who must, even more than usual, create his or her own world and internal logic, only hoping – in the absence of tangible proof – that he or she is not straying too far from the composer’s intentions, forever out of reach.’

This series has been going from strength to strength, every volume receiving consistently excellent reviews.

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Financial Times

6th April 2013


“These are landmark recordings, thanks to the French pianist’s stylistic command and sheer delight in the music. The latest disc is dominated by the jolly Sonata No 15 in E, the tripping ornamental motifs of which tumble out with a mixture of nonchalance and elegance...Bavouzet reveals the music’s expressive charm and craftsman-like ingenuity.”