Vivaldi: The Complete Sacred Music (11CD)

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Choir of The King’s Consort, The King’s Consort, Robert King

The greatness of Vivaldi’s sacred vocal music resides not in its historical influence, for it seems not to have circulated very widely in his day and (unlike his concertos) not to have initiated any practice copied by other composers, but rather in its consummate artistry and high level of inspiration.

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• Ruggieri: Gloria RV anh. 23
• Vivaldi: Beatus vir RV795
• Vivaldi: Beatus vir, RV597
• Vivaldi: Beatus vir, RV598
• Vivaldi: Canta in prato, ride in monte, RV623
• Vivaldi: Clarae stellae, scintillate, RV625
• Vivaldi: Confitebor tibi, Domine RV596
• Vivaldi: Credidi propter quod, RV605
• Vivaldi: Credo, RV591
• Vivaldi: Cur sagittas, cur tela RV637
• Vivaldi: Deus tuorum militum RV612
• Vivaldi: Dixit Dominus, RV594
• Vivaldi: Dixit Dominus, RV595
• Vivaldi: Domine ad adiuvandum me (Psalm 69), RV593
• Vivaldi: Gaude mater Ecclesia RV613
• Vivaldi: Gloria in D major, RV589
• Vivaldi: Gloria Patri RV602a
• Vivaldi: Gloria, RV588
• Vivaldi: In exitu Israel, RV 604
• Vivaldi: In furore iustissimae irae, RV626
• Vivaldi: In turbato mare irato, RV627
• Vivaldi: Introduzione al Dixit Dominus, RV 635 'Ascende laeta'
• Vivaldi: Introduzione al Gloria, RV 639 'Jubilate, o amoeni chori'
• Vivaldi: Introduzione al Gloria, RV 642 'Ostro picta, armata spina'
• Vivaldi: Introduzione al miserere, RV 638 'Filiae maestae Jerusalem'
• Vivaldi: Juditha Triumphans, RV644
• Vivaldi: Kyrie, RV587
• Vivaldi: Laetatus sum (psalm 121), R.607
• Vivaldi: Lauda, Jerusalem, RV609
• Vivaldi: Laudate Dominum, RV606
• Vivaldi: Laudate pueri, RV600
• Vivaldi: Laudate pueri, RV601
• Vivaldi: Laudate pueri, RV602
• Vivaldi: Longe mala, umbrae, terrores, RV629
• Vivaldi: Magnificat RV610a (version for double choir)
• Vivaldi: Nisi Dominus (Psalm 126), RV608
• Vivaldi: Nisi Dominus RV803
• Vivaldi: Non in pratis aut in hortis RV641
• Vivaldi: Nulla in mundo pax sincera, motet for soprano, strings & continuo, RV 630
• Vivaldi: O qui coeli terraeque serenitas, RV631
• Vivaldi: Salve Regina, RV 616
• Vivaldi: Salve Regina, RV 617
• Vivaldi: Salve Regina, RV 618
• Vivaldi: Sanctorum meritis, RV 620
• Vivaldi: Stabat Mater, RV621
• Vivaldi: Sum in medio tempestatum RV632
• Vivaldi: Vestro Principi divino - Mottetto per contralto, archi e continuo RV 633 in F major
• Vivaldi: Vos aurae per montes RV634

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The Classical Music Collector

"This is only a guess, but I suspect Vivaldi might have been one of the most prolific composers in history. In addition to his five hundred concertos, he wrote nearly fifty operas, and a plethora of orchestral, chamber, and solo sonatas. Despite all this activity, he also managed to produce enough sacred music to fill 11 CDs, some familiar, like the famous Gloria and Dixit Dominus, but much still neglected in our secular times. Although there is no complete setting of the Ordinary of the Mass, Vivaldi wrote a truly lovely Kyrie and a bracing Credo, and many expressive motets, and if you are appreciative of either Vivaldi or sacred music, you will find this set an embarrassment of riches. Sung in Italianate Latin, these definitive performances by the King's Consort and Choir directed by Robert King constitute in themselves a lifetime’s listening—the American Record Guide called the box “one of those landmarks in the history of recorded music”. Celebrate Vivaldi’s extraordinary musical fecundity and treat yourself to this stunning box set!" - Chris Dench