Bridge: Complete Songs (2CD)

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Janice Watson, Louise Winter, Jamie MacDougal, Gerald Finley, Roger Vignoles

(Originally issued as CDA671812)

This important release brings together all forty-five of the songs composed by Frank Bridge. The programme is presented generally along chronological lines, and although the songs were written over two decades there is a remarkable consistency of style. A good number of the texts will be familiar from the songs of, say, Quilter or Finzi, but many more show Bridge’s enthusiasm for unearthing rather less well-known literary subject matter.

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1. Sonnet 'When most I wink' [2'42] - Janice Watson (soprano)
2. If I could choose [2'03] - Gerald Finley (baritone)
3. The primrose Ask me why I send you here [1'55] - Jamie MacDougall (tenor)
4. A dirge Rough wind, that moanest loud [1'06] - Louise Winter (mezzo-soprano)
5. The Devon maid Where be you going, you Devon maid? [1'28] - Jamie MacDougall (tenor)
6. Dawn and evening Dawn awaking hears my calling [2'03] - Gerald Finley (baritone)
7. Where'er my bitter teardrops fall [1'39] - Jamie MacDougall (tenor)
8. E'en as a lovely flower [3'15] - Jamie MacDougall (tenor)
9. Blow, blow, thou winter wind [1'51] - Gerald Finley (baritone)
10. Go not, happy day [1'12] - Jamie MacDougall (tenor)
11. Night lies on the silent highways [2'41] - Gerald Finley (baritone)
12. A dead violet The odour from the flower is gone [3'01] - Gerald Finley (baritone)
13. Cradle song What does little birdie say? [1'53] - Janice Watson (soprano)
14. Lean close thy cheek [2'09] - Jamie MacDougall (tenor)
15. Fair daffodils [2'31] - Janice Watson (soprano)
16. Adoration Asleep! O sleep a little while, white pearl! [2'46] - Louise Winter (mezzo-soprano)
17. So perverse All women born are so perverse [1'32] - Gerald Finley (baritone)
18. Tears, idle tears [5'29] - Gerald Finley (baritone)
19. The violets blue [1'50] - Jamie MacDougall (tenor)
20. Come to me in my dreams [3'35] - Janice Watson (soprano)
21. My pent-up tears oppress my brain [2'34] - Gerald Finley (baritone)
22. Music, when soft voices die [2'22] - Louise Winter (mezzo-soprano), Roger Chase (viola)
23. Far, far from each other [3'24] - Louise Winter (mezzo-soprano), Roger Chase (viola)
24. Where is it that our soul doth go? One thing I'd know [3'42] - Louise Winter (mezzo-soprano), Roger Chase (viola)


25. All things that we clasp and cherish [1'38] - Janice Watson (soprano)
26. Love is a rose [1'58] - Janice Watson (soprano)
27. Dear, when I look into thine eyes [2'17] - Gerald Finley (baritone)
28. Isobel What is the sorrow of the wind, Isobel? [2'11] - Gerald Finley (baritone)
29. O that it were so! It sometimes comes into my head [2'21] - Louise Winter (mezzo-soprano)
30. Strew no more red roses [2'53] - Jamie MacDougall (tenor)
31. Where she lies asleep She sleeps so lightly, that in trembling fear [3'11] - Louise Winter (mezzo-soprano)
32. Love went a-riding [1'50] - Janice Watson (soprano)
33. Thy hand in mine [2'24] - Louise Winter (mezzo-soprano)
34. So early in the morning, O: – I cling and swing [2'27] - Janice Watson (soprano)
35. Mantle of blue O, men from the fields! [1'52] - Louise Winter (mezzo-soprano)
36. The last invocation At the last, tenderly [2'52] - Louise Winter (mezzo-soprano)
37. When you are old and gray [3'29] - Gerald Finley (baritone)
38. Into her keeping Now that my love lies sleeping [2'06] - Jamie MacDougall (tenor)
39. What shall I your true love tell? [3'32] - Louise Winter (mezzo-soprano)
40. 'Tis but a week [1'58] - Gerald Finley (baritone)
41. Day after day [3'58] - Janice Watson (soprano)
42. Speak to me, my love! [5'00] - Janice Watson (soprano)
43. Dweller in my deathless dreams You are the evening cloud floating in the sky of my dreams [4'45] - Jamie MacDougall (tenor)
44. Goldenhair Lean out of the window [1'40] - Janice Watson (soprano)
45. Journey's end What will they give me, when journey's done? [3'54] - Jamie MacDougall (tenor)

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'These two CDs, finely recorded and thoughtfully presented, are a most timely and valuable addition to the catalogue'

'This fine collection of settings by poets as diverse as Herrick, Heine and Tagore is full of surprises and beautifully performed by all, especially pianist Roger Vignoles'
The Observer

'Prepared and performed with the care and conviction for which Hyperion is famous. Those who simply love vocal recitals will find plenty of enjoyment in these well-documented discs, as well as a further revelation of the wealth of 'English Renaissance' contributions to art song. Distinguished performances of little-known but substantial, and often impressive, repertoire'
Classic CD

'Another superb collection of songs'
Financial Times