Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring & Other Works for Two Pianos Four Hands (CD)

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Marc-Andre Hamelin, Leif Ove Andsnes

Shortly before its notorious Paris ballet premiere in 1913, this was essentially how The Rite of Spring first saw the light of day: Leif Ove Andsnes and Marc-André Hamelin recapture the heady, visceral thrill which must have been in the air when Stravinsky sat down at the piano with Debussy to create this landmark of modernism.

Leif Ove Andsnes appears courtesy of Sony Classical International.

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Gramophone Magazine

"Hamelin and Andsnes are irresistibly clear and energetic...For sheer articulacy, synchronised gymnastics, flawless balance, range of colour and flinty attack, or any other criterion you care to reach for, this is breathtaking pianism...An immensely collectable album: a strong candidate for Disc of the Year, never mind of the Month."

Sunday Times

"These superb virtuosos coalesce in triumph on triumph of phrasing and crisp articulation. Their two-piano reading of The Rite of Spring adds to the inescapable savage exhilaration of the ballet a note-by-note precision and an almost neoclassical sense of the objectivity of the construction...a disc of scintillating pleasures."

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The Rite of Spring Part 1: The Kiss of the Earth
1. Introduction
2. Augurs of Spring (Dances of the Young Girls) 
3. Game of Abduction 
4. Spring Rounds 
5. Game of the Two Rival Tribes 
6. Procession of the Oldest and Wisest One 
7. The Kiss of the Earth 
8. Dancing Out of the Earth 

The Rite of Spring Part 2: The Great Sacrifice
9. Introduction 
10. Mystic Circle of the Young Girls 
11. Glorification of the Chosen One
12. Evocation of the Ancestors 
13. Ritual Action of the Ancestors 
14. Sacrificial Dance

Concerto for two solo pianos
15. I. Con moto 
16. II. Notturno: Adagietto 
17. III. Quattro variazioni 
18. IV. Preludio e fuga 

19. Madrid arr. Soulima Stravinsky (1910–1994)

20. Tango arr. Victor Babin (1908–1972) 

21. Circus Polka arr. Victor Babin (1908–1972)