Music for the 100 Years' War (CD)

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The Binchois Consort, Andrew Kirkman


Gramophone Magazine Editor's Choice - April 2017

Music of predominantly royal association spanning the reign of Henry V, the Battle of Agincourt and its aftermath, and the coronations in England and France of the boy king Henry VI. The Binchois Consort under Andrew Kirkman bring this music vividly to life, while the copiously illustrated booklet is a pleasure in itself.

Recording details: January 2016
Ascot Priory, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Produced by Adrian Peacock
Engineered by Andrew Mellor
Release date: April 2017
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Sub Arturo plebs

Fons Citharizancium

In omnem terram


Anglia tibi turbidas spera lucem post tenebras

Ianuam quam clauserat

Pastor cesus in gregis medio

Opem nobis, o Thoma...Salve, Thoma

De flore martyrum...Deus tuorum militum

Ave miles celestis curie / Ave Rex patrone patrie / Ave Rex

Gaude martyr...Collaudemus venerantes

Ecce mitto angelum

The Agincourt Carol

Kyrie … Domine miserere – Ab inimicis nostris


Preco Preheminencie

Precurscor premittitur

Inter natos mulierum

Missa Da gaudiorum premia

Veni Sancte Spiritus

Power, L:

Gloria 'Ad Thome memoriam'

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BBC Music Magazine

May 2017


“A fascinating musical account of the English court from the late 14th century onwards. The Binchois Consort is on stellar form.”

Gramophone Magazine

April 2017

“The Orlandos sensibly espouse the music’s rough edges (as in the Kyrie Cuthberte), courting roughness themselves in a good cause. Where a more mellifluous tone is required, as in the top-voice-driven Credo by Excetre, they give Matthew Venner’s expressive countertenor full rein.”

The Observer

April 2017


“The mysterious and influential John Dunstaple (c1390-1453) is the best known of the composers here. His Missa Da gaudiorum premia and Veni Sancte Spiritus are highlights on a fascinating disc…we are lucky to have the Binchois Consort – here, two altos, four tenors – to bring this haunting, often jubilant early English repertoire to full-blooded life”

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