Feldman: Palais de Mari & Crumb: A Little Suite for Christmas (CD)

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Steven Osborne

The extraordinary soundscapes conjured by Morton Feldman and George Crumb are like nothing else in the whole of twentieth-century music. Steven Osborne is the most sympathetic of guides to these rarefied worlds.

Morton Feldman and George Crumb have explored the piano’s expressive possibilities in original, often astonishing ways. This recording includes three works from the beginning of Feldman’s career, as well as his last solo piano composition. The two Crumb pieces were composed after his four-part Makrokosmos series of solo and chamber works for piano. In approaching colour, texture, form and rhythm, Feldman was deeply influenced by his close associations with painters of the New York School—Pollock, Rauschenberg, de Kooning, Kline, Rothko, and especially Philip Guston. Crumb’s responsiveness to painting is less conscious; the most obvious connection to the visual realm is his keen sense of instrumental colour.

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Crumb, G:


Little Suite for Christmas, AD1979

Feldman, M:

Intermission V

Piano Piece (1952)

Palais de Mari

Extensions 3

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The Guardian

19th May 2016


“What’s so marvellous about the way Steven Osborne plays Feldman is how entirely alert he is to those kaleidoscopic gradations...This is a pianist whose recent solo discs have featured music by Schubert and Mussorgsky, and he brings something of their singing and robust tones even to the most hushed and abstract of Feldman’s lines.”

Sunday Times

12th June 2016

“Three brief works by Morton Feldman, from 1952, open this hypnotic recital of music by two of the 20th century’s American greats. The first explores resonance and colour, the second concentrates minds on pitch and the third is about repetition.”

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