Bach: Violin Sonatas & Partitas (CD)

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Alina Ibragimova

One player, one instrument, one composer: Bach's unaccompanied violin music has always been the greatest for any player, young or old. Alina Ibragimova, only 23, is already its equal' (The Guardian)

'Alina Ibragimova began to play unaccompanied Bach on the violin, and the hush became silence. This was spontaneous, the first sense that something new could happen' (The Independent)

The dazzling young virtuoso Alina Ibragimova has enthralled audiences for years with her live Bach performances. Critics have acclaimed her faultless intonation, achingly beautiful tone, superlative technique and a musical wisdom far beyond her years. Now, in this important new recording of Bach's complete sonatas and partitas for solo violin, Ibragimova brings all these qualities and more to create an interpretation that is both excitingly original and profoundly humble. This is music of unfathomable subtlety, astounding virtuosity and great expressive and architectural beauty.