Dowland, Britten: Lute Songs (CD)

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Mark Padmore

Mark Padmore is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest tenors working today, celebrated in the opera house, the concert hall and as a peerless recording artist. "... extraordinary diction and whispering chamber-like intimacy ... [Mark Padmore] joy in conveying the emotional core of each situation"

"Padmore provides context by singing Dowland's original song before Craig Ogden steals in, alert to the Nocturnal's every nuance, and with a palette of colours both caressing and disquieting. Completing the frame, 'Flow my Tears' is beautifully inflected, though finer still is 'In Darkness let me Dwell' where in the final bars Padmore's enrapt engagement seems to conjure up the very chill of death." BBC Music Magazine, February 2008 ****

"Mark Padmore again shows why he is one of today's finest tenors. The quicker songs, like "Away with these self-loving lads", gain in clarity from a semi-declamatory approach, while the slower are eerily viol-like." Gramophone Magazine, January 2008