Christmas Songs for Children (CD)

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South Oxfordshite Youth Music and Drama Group

Children's Christmas songs sung by a superb children's choir. A dynamic recording of young voices which celebrates many aspects of Christmas, from the conventional to the unexpected.

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1. The Silver Sleigh Ride
2. The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)
3. Tree Of Light
4. I'm A Little Christmas Cracker
5. The Himalayan Abominable Snowman Blues
6. Something Told The Wild Geese
7. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
8. This Must Be Christmas Day
9. Troika
10. Christmas Chopsticks
11. Sing A Sing Of Christmas Cheer
12. Christmas Lullaby
13. The Happiest Time Of Year
14. The Song Of The Winter Wind
15. Christmas On The Beach At Waikiki
16. Winter Sport
17. Christmas Calypso
18. Jingle Bell Rock
19. Good Time Christmas
20. A New Year's Resolution

South Oxfordshite Youth Music and Drama Group
Lin Marsh
Martin Souter piano

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