Westlin' Winds & Music for the Highlands and Islands (2CD)

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A relaxing musical tour of the highlands and islands with distant pipes and harps, the music of the sea and waves themselves and the voices of monks chanting in a quiet kirk.

Music from ancient Scottish manuscripts with a selection of some of the finest and most refined music that Scotland has to offer, including some seasonal sounds.

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1. Lusty May
2. Katherine Ogie
3. Jamaica
4. Alen Water
5. Departe, departe
6. Willie Winks
7. I long for the wedding
8. A port
9. Shoes rare
10. The time of youth
11. Post Gordon
12. Cold and raw
13. The new Highland laddie
14. Joy to the resonne of my love
15. Corne yairds
16. A Scots tune
17. The last time I came o'er the moor
18. Ane Scottis Dance
19. Caneries
20. The Caneries
21. I serve a worthy ladie
22. Caneris
23. A Scotch tune
24. Adeu o desire of delyt
25. Before the Greeks
26. Lady Binnis' lilt
27. I choys to be my love
28. The Layde Lowthian's lilte
29. Sueit smylling

Heather Birt
Matthew Spring
Jon Banks
Sara Stowe


'I come from hevin heich to tell
The best nowells that e'er befell'

1. Balulalow (Ane Sang of the Birth of Christ)
2. Verbum patris umanatur
3. Nou let us sing
4. Deck the halls
5. We wish you a merry Christmas
6. Tomorrow shall be my dancing day
7. The fader of heven - Peter Maxwell Davies
8. Lullay, lullow
9. Once in royal David's city
10. The first nowell
11. Hark the herald angels sing
12. See amid the winter's snow
13. All sons of Adam
14. Amazing Grace
15. Adeste Fideles
16. Jesu, joy of man's desiring
17. The Angel Gabriel
18. Scotland the brave
19. The holly bears a berry
20. Joy to the world
21. Auld Lang Syne

Niall Mushet
Sarah Hill
Sara Stowe
Matthew Spring
Martin Souter
Ian Giles
Singscape directed by Sarah Tenant-Flowers
The Choirs of Queens' College, Cambridge, Worcester College, Oxford and Magdalen College, Oxford

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