Mozart: Violin Sonatas (complete) (8CD)

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Rachel Podger & Gary Cooper

We bundled the eight Mozart CD’s that Rachel Podger and Gary Cooper recorded over the last ten years into an attractive box, with an informative note from producer Jonathan Freeman-Attwoord.

The duo partnership Gary Cooper and Rachel Podger has taken them worldwide. These recordings of Mozart’s Complete Sonatas for Keyboard & Violin have received countless awards and accolades, including multiple Diapason d’Or awards and Gramophone Editor’s Choices, and hailed as ‘benchmark’ recordings.

“Finally, one asks why there hasn’t previously been a complete recording on historical instruments. From my ‘privileged’ position as listener-in-chief, I can tell you it is because no pair can make such transparent and difficult music sound so effortless, elegant, witty, emotionally persuasive and enjoyable."
- Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, producer

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