Telemann: Essercizii Musici (2CD)

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Regular performances in some of the world’s most prestigious venues have confirmed Florilegium’s status as one of Britain’s most outstanding period instrument ensembles. Since their formation in 1991 they have established a reputation for stylish and exciting interpretations, from intimate chamber works to large-scale orchestral and choral repertoire. This double CD release of Telemann’s Essercizii Musici is Florilegium’s 27th collaboration with Channel Classics.

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Telemann: Sonata TWV 41:a6 in A minor for viola da gamba & b.c.
Telemann: Sonata TWV 41:B6 in B flat major for oboe (or chalumeau) & b.c.
Telemann: Sonata TWV 41:D9 in D major for flute & b.c.
Telemann: Sonata TWV 41:e5 in E minor for viola da gamba & b.c.
Telemann: Trio 4. A major for traverso, harpsichord & continuo (42:A6)
Telemann: Trio 5. A minor for recorder, violin & continuo (42:a4)
Telemann: Trio 6. B minor for traverso, viol & continuo (42:h4)
Telemann: Trio TWV 42:c2 in C minor for recorder, oboe & b.c.
Telemann: Trio TWV 42:d9 in D minor for 2 violins & b.c.
Telemann: Trio TWV 42:g5 in G minor for oboe, violin & b.c.
Telemann: Trio TWV 42:G6 in G major for viola da gamba, harpsichord & b.c.