Ziehrer: Das Grosse Operetten Festival (4CD)

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The folksy creation of Ziehrer’s operetta melodies can be seen as a transition between the opera-like stage works of an ageing Strauss and young Lehar, blending new performance elements with spontaneity and impulsiveness.

This 4 CD set presents for the first time an impressive selection of more than 20 operetta masterpieces.

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Ziehrer: Die drei Wünsche (The Three Wishes)
Ein tolles Madel (arr. Manus and H. Schadenbauer for voice and orchestra)
Ziehrer: Ball bei Hof



Die Landstreicher
Der Fremdenfuhrer: Die Ballmama Polka, Op. 531 (arr. H. Schadenbauer for orchestra)
König Jérome
Der Husarengeneral (arr. Manus and H. Schadenbauer for voice and orchestra)



Fesche Geister
Der Schätzmeister (The Pawnbroker, or The Appraiser)
Der Liebeswalze



Furst Casimir (arr. H. Schadenbauer for orchestra)
Das dumme Herz (arr. H. Schadenbauer for voice and orchestra)
Die verliebte Eskadron
Herr und Frau Biedermeier (arr. H. Schadenbauer for voice and orchestra)
Biedermeier-Walzer, Op. 546 (arr. H. Schadenbauer for orchestra)
Ein Deutschmeister (arr. H. Schadenbauer for voice and orchestra)

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The Classical Music Collector

"By way of contrast with all the symphonic and sacred music above, Ziehrer’s operettas come as a breath of fresh air. Sometimes described as folksy, and an overt rival to the Strauss family, Ziehrer’s works form a stylistic bridge between the Strauss and Lehar canons. Over the 4 CDs in this set we encounter some of the most poisedly elegant music of its time: seriously frivolous and consummately crafted, this is music that no fan of operetta should miss. The performances manage to catch that Viennese flavour beloved of the New Year’s Concerts, in which Ziehrer has occasionally featured, while also exhaling a slight hint of prescient decadence. Not to mention the very epitome of melodiousness!" - Chris Dench