I'm a Stranger Here Myself (CD)

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Salome Kammer, Rudi Spring

Composers Kurt Weill and Hanns Eisler had great success with their songs, creating an unmistakable style that has remained unique with its mixture of popular music, supreme musical sophistication and political claims. Salome Kammer is a versatile artists and an ideal advocate of this music.

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"There's some historical logic in yoking Kurt Weill and Hanns Eisler together – both were active in Berlin from the late 1920s, until forced to leave by the Nazis, and both worked with Bertolt Brecht – but musically they were very different...Kammer is adroit at bridging both musical worlds; she's a superb singing actress, with the required range and technique." - The Guardian

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  • Eisler: An den kleinen Radioapparat
  • Eisler: Der Kirschdieb
  • Eisler: Der Pflaumenbaum
  • Eisler: Der Pflaumenbaum (first version)
  • Eisler: Die Flucht
  • Eisler: Die Haltbare Graugans
  • Eisler: Die haltbare Graugans (No. 3 from Neue Lieder)
  • Eisler: Die Heimkehr
  • Eisler: Die Landschaft des Exils
  • Eisler: Hollywood Liederbuch
  • Eisler: Hotelzimmer 1942
  • Eisler: Im Blumengarten
  • Eisler: Im Blumengarten (No. 1 from Neue Lieder)
  • Eisler: L'automne prussienne (No. 2 from Neue Lieder)
  • Eisler: Spruch 1939
  • Eisler: Über den Selbstmord
  • Eisler: Und es sind die finstern Zeiten
  • Eisler: Und Ich Werde Nicht Mehr Sehen
  • Eisler: Vom Sprengen des Gartens
  • Spring: Brecht-Triptychon
  • Weill, K: Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny
  • Weill, K: Ballad of the Drowned Girl (from Berlin Requiem)
  • Weill, K: Barbara Song (from The Threepenny Opera)
  • Weill, K: Bilbao Song (from Happy End)
  • Weill, K: Das Lied von der harten Nuss (from Happy End)
  • Weill, K: Denn wie man sich bettet (from Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny)
  • Weill, K: Die Seeräuber-Jenny (Brecht)
  • Weill, K: Happy End
  • Weill, K: Lady in the Dark
  • Weill, K: Lonely House from Street Scene
  • Weill, K: Marterl: Hier ruht die Jungfrau Johanna Beck
  • Weill, K: Nanna's lied (Text: Bertolt Brecht)
  • Weill, K: One Touch of Venus
  • Weill, K: One Touch of Venus: I'm A Stranger Here Myself
  • Weill, K: Song of the Rhineland
  • Weill, K: Street Scene
  • Weill, K: The Threepenny Opera
  • Weill, K: Tschaikowsky
  • Weill, K: Und was bekam des Soldaten Weib