Pfitzner: Von Deutsche Seele (2CD)

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Solveig Kringelborn, Nathalie Stutzmann, Christopher Ventris, Robert Holl, Berlin Radio Choir, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester, Ingo Metzmacher

Available again at a bargain price, the subtitle of this work is “a romantic cantata”. Composed in 1921, Pfitzner’s tonal language was rooted in the 19th century but it does branch out into “new pathways” to paraphrase Schumann whom Pfizner greatly admired. The CD presents a first-class ensemble of soloists for this recording.

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Pfitzner: Von deutscher Seele, Op. 28

Nathalie Stutzmann (mezzo-soprano), Christopher Ventris (tenor), Solveig Kringelborn (soprano), Robert Holl (bass)

Berlin Deutsches Symphony Orchestra, Berlin Radio Choir, Ingo Metzmacher