Brain Rubbish (CD)

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Swedish Wind Ensemble, Christian Lindberg

Christian Lindberg and his Swedish Wind Ensemble here perform a colourful programme of original works and arrangements.

The British composer Adam Gorb (b. 1958) opens the disc with his suite of Yiddish Dances inspired by klezmer, the folk music of the Eastern European Jews.

The dance theme reappears in An American in Paris and is followed by the programmatic work Homenaje a Sorolla by the Spanish composer Bernardo Ferrero.

Two compositions by Christian Lindberg himself complete the programme: his Suite from Galamanta – written about the mythical town which acts as the setting of his stage work Dawn at Galamanta. Brain Rubbish, the closing work on the disc, is an inventory of material that he had discarded as being ‘too rough and rocky’ for a work he was composing for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.