Lindberg: A Composer’s Portrait II (CD

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Christian Lindberg, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Nordic Chamber Orchestra & Swedish Chamber Orchestra

This second disc is dedicated to the compositions by Christian Lindberg, who participates as performer and conductor and sometimes both at the same time!

Alongside Lindberg the disc features Richard Tognetti and the Australian Chamber Orchestra in Asa, a work that sprang from Lindberg’s interest in the religious beliefs of the Vikings. OF BLOOD SO RED for chamber orchestra, is the longest work on the disc, and as Lindberg himself describes it in his liner notes, his most ’serious’ piece he has composed. Other works include a trumpet concerto (with Ole Edvard Antonsen as soloist), two pieces for solo trombone and Gypsy Kingdom for trombone and string quartet, making this a programme as varied in sound and character as are the talents of its creator.

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Lindberg, C:

Asa for electric violin, trombone, amplified harpsichord and amplified strings

Joe Jack Binglebandit for solo trombone

Akbank Bunka for trumpet and chamber orchestra

Gipsy Kingdom for trombone and string quartet

OF BLOOD SO RED Concerto for chamber orchestra

Text: August Strindberg

Bombay Bay Barracuda for trombone and tape

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The Times

“It is rare to hear a recital devoted entirely to the trombone, and rarer still to hear one of such ingenuity and excellence as that given by Christian Lindberg.”