Mantra: Music for Sinfonietta (SACD)

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Espen Aalberg, Kristin Norderval, Else Bo, Trondheim Sinfonietta, Kai Grinde Myrann

Espen Aalberg (gamelan), Kristin Norderval (soprano), Else Bo (piano), Trondheim Sinfonietta, Kai Grinde Myrann (conductor)

On this disc, the Trondheim Sinfonietta, founded in 1998, has gathered four works from the three decades encompassing the ensemble’s existence. All four seem to be haunted by an even deeper past: Bent Sørensen’sMinnelieder is the composer’s third version of a work originally sparked-off by a book about the 14th century, while Toshio Hosokawa’s Drawing, from a decade later, was inspired by the very start of life. Kristin Norderval’sChapel Meditation began its existence as an improvisation, but looks back to music from centuries earlier, while the most recent work, Mantra by Ellen Lindquist, also mines a venerable musical tradition, that of the age-old Indonesian gamelan orchestra that for over 100 years has had an influence on Western composers such as Debussy, Britten, Steve Reich et al. Set for varying forces and numbers of performers, the four works together form a fascinating picture of the kaleidoscopic possibilities open to composers around the turn of the millennium.

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Toshio Hosokawa (b.1955)
1) Drawing for eight players (2004)

Bent Sørensen (b.1958)
2) Minnelieder - Zweites Minnewater for chamber ensemble (1994)

Ellen Lindquist (b.1970)
3) Mantra - Concerto for gamelan and sinfonietta (2016)

Kristin Norderval (b.1957)
4) Chapel Meditation for voice and plucked piano (2001)