Pipe Dreams (CD)

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Sharon Bezaly, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Richard Tognetti

Featuring: Sharon Bezaly (flute), Australian Chamber Orchestra, Richard Tognetti (artistic director, lead violin)


Sharon Bezaly here performs with the eminent Australian Chamber Orchestra and Richard Tognetti in a programme which takes its name from the Australian composer Carl Vine’s work for flute and orchestra.

Pitangus Sulphuratus from the Venzuelan composer Adina Izarra’s concerto – composed in 1987, but with a new cadenza written especially for Bezaly – depicts a yellow and brown bird found in the Caracas valley. Its call appears throughout the piece

The tango makes an almost dreamlike appearance in Flute Concerto with Tango, which José Serebrier has dedicated to Sharon Bezaly.

Impresiones de la Puna embodies the dream of an eighteen-year-old Alberto Ginastera to find a truly Argentinean musical language.