Rameau: L’Orchestre de Louis XV (2SACD)

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Le Concert des Nations, Jordi Savall

Manfredo Kraemer (violin)

Le Concert des Nations, Jordi Savall

Following the success of the albums L’ Orchestre de Louis XIII (Philidor l’Aisné) and L’ Orchestre du Roi Soleil (Lully), Jordi Savall delivers another dynastic opus consisting of music by Jean-Philippe Rameau. Le Concert des Nations sparkles in these four orchestral suites which document the genius of the French composer and Jordi Savall’s affinity with the repertoire of the the XVIIIth century.


“With a large and varied orchestra and (optional) surround sound, Jordi Savall revels in the unmatched opulence, extravagance and scale of mid-18th century France...The music is divorced from its dramatic context and the visual accompaniment of costume, dancing and scenery, but is speaks splendidly for itself, displaying Rameau's kaleidoscopic orchestration and arresting devices...A magnificent production - the high Baroque doesn't get higher than this” - BBC Music Magazine, 5/5.

“Jordi Savall and his ebullient Baroque orchestra, Le Concert des Nations, have released recordings of the music Philidor wrote for Louis XIII, and Lully for Louis XIV. All is eclipsed by the double-CD of Rameau’s fabulously spirited rococo pieces for Louis XV’s orchestra...these suites have a tunefulness, an instrumental diversity and a quirky joyousness that even the most curmudgeonly Anglo-Saxon soul will find hard to resist.” - The Times (UK)