Vivaldi x2 - Double Concertos (CD)

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Adrian Chandler, La Serenissima

“My heart skipped a beat when [The Italian Job] from La Serenissima and Adrian Chandler landed on my desk, such was my enjoyment of their Gramophone Awards-shortlisted Vivaldi Four Seasons recording (AV2344). So to discover that with this all-Italian assortment of sinfonias and concertos they’ve actually topped their 2016 triumph – and apparently effortlessly – gives me no small amount of pleasure.”

So said the reviewer of the Gramophone Award-winning release, and the Vivaldi specialists are set to triumph once again with Vivaldi x2, an astonishing medley of double concertos for hunting horns, oboes, bassoon, violin and cello. Emanating from Vivaldi’s pen the double concerto – a genre of which he all but cornered the market – resulted in some of the composer’s most colourful and exuberant works. In the hands of two-time Gramophone Award-winning La Serenissima, these concertos come to virtuosic and effervescent life.

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BBC Music Magazine

5 Stars

"Chandler’s tempos are invariably ‘just so’ – expertly executed, spaciously recorded, the disc consolidates and celebrates the ensemble’s Vivaldian roots as its 25th anniversary year beckons. Quarter of a century or no, La Serenissima’s youthful mojo shines brightly!"

Gramophone Magazine

"It’s a feast of pleasures right from its RV539 kick-off: the most glittering of Vivaldi’s two double horn concertos…headed up here by soloists Anneke Scott and Jocelyn Lightfoot with some fantastically nimble, neat, exuberant period horn-playing…However, you’ll forget to miss the horns here in the concerto, RV538, because what we get instead is another soloist to whom I could listen all day, cellist Vladimir Waltham; hear his gently grainy, luminous tone and his sighing trills, and fall in love."

Sunday Times

"Under Chandler, the playing, vibrant yet polished to perfection, is superb."

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  • Concerto for 2 horns, strings & continuo RV539
  • Concerto for Multiple Instruments in G minor RV574
  • Concerto for Oboe & Bassoon in G major, RV 545
  • Concerto for Two Horns and Strings RV538
  • Concerto for two oboes in A minor, RV 536
  • Concerto for Violin & Cello in B flat minor, RV 547
  • Concerto for Violin & Viola da gamba, 'La maggiore' RV546
  • Concerto in D minor for Two Oboes, RV 535