L'Amour Français (CD)

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Reinhold Friedrich, Eriko Takezawa

There may be larger instruments than the trumpet, but it is certainly impossible to ignore. The trumpet is the messenger of wars, kings and ceremonies; it is a symbol of power, appellative and demanding, but also capable of touching the heart. It is not an appropriate instrument for a pastoral idyll, and yet it is suitable for atmospheric passages. The trumpet is a very versatile instrument: it hovers above the orchestra and the organ and enters into a felicitous relationship with its polyphonic counterparts, and yet it also adapts very well to a singing voice.

The number of original works for trumpet in concert and chamber music settings remained very small until the end of the 19th century. In the 20th century composers finally turned their attention to the “noble instrument.” The flexible use of the trumpet in chamber music was made possible by the invention of the valve trumpet. However, the valve trumpet’s forceful sound limited its use in chamber music settings where a well-balanced sound and equal participation of the instruments was of primary concern.

For this recording, Duo Friedrich-Takezawa have brought together a representative and attractive sample of 20th-century chamber music for trumpet or cornet a pistons by composers of French origin or those who received significant artistic impulses in France during the period stretching from late Romanticism to contemporary music.

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1. Sonata for Bugle and Piano, Op. 29 by Maurice Emmanuel

2. Scherzo Appassionato by Maurice Boucher

3. Les chants (6) de Kervéléan, Op. 197 by Charles Koechlin

4. Suite for Trumpet and Piano, Op. 133 by Florent Schmitt

5. Sonatine for Trumpet and Piano in C major by Jean Françaix

6. Impromptu for Trumpet and Piano by Jacques Ibert

7. Concertino for Trumpet and Piano, Op. 99 by Henry Martelli

8. Sarabande et Final by Raymond Gallois-Montbrun

9. Scherzo-Waltz by Marcel Mihalovici

10. Pièces Concertantes (3) by Makoto Shinohara