The Dubhlinn Gardens (CD)

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Anna Besson, Reinoud Van Mechelen, A Nocte Temporis

The Dubhlinn Gardens: an evening in the high society of 18th century Dublin, where traditional music was ‘civilising’ itself for the salon... This programme was inspired by the passion for traditional Irish music that flautist Anna Besson has felt since she was a child. Surprising as it may seem, it was playing the Irish flute that led her to study the baroque instrument... For the past few years Reinoud Van Mechelen too has begun to train himself in the traditional Irish song with Karan Casey and other singers who have specialised in the unaccompanied Sean-nós. This twofold practice of early as well as traditional music has led the ensemble A Nocte Temporis to offer a programme that is both vivacious and extremely touching.

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  1. The Original black Joke, sent from Dublin
  2. The Red Jock
  3. True Joak / White Joak / Blue Joak / Fancy’s all
  4. Ah! the poor Shepherd’s mournful fate
  5. Jack Latine
  6. Eileanóir a Rún (sean-nós)
  7. Ellen A Roone
  8. Ailen aroon an Irish Ballad Sung by Mrs Clive at ye theater Royal
  9. Teague, the Irish Trooper
  10. Will ye go to Flanders
  11. Killiecrankie
  12. Mr Creagh’s Irish Tune / The Hawk of Ballyshannon
  13. Anna, a Particular Favourite Irish song
  14. Moggy Lawther
  15. An Buachaillín Bán / Donald Og
  16. Hunt the squirrel / A reell for Jannie / Up wi’t Ailey / D° for the German Flute / Chorus Jig
  17. My Nanny O