Dvorak: Piano Quartets Nos 1 & 2 (CD)

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Miguel Da Silva, Busch Trio

Mathieu van Bellen and Ori Epstein are joined by one of their former teachers at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, the violist Miguel da Silva, a founder member of the famous Quatuor Ysaÿe.

The musicians, who share with us their passion for this repertory and their pleasure in playing together.

Part of a series of the Czech composer’s complete chamber music with piano.

The Piano Quartet no.1 in D major op.23 of 1875 was one of the first works in which the young Dvořák, inspired by Schubert, laid the foundations of the compositional style which he would conserve for the rest of his life. Fourteen years later, he composed the Piano Quartet no.2 in E flat major op.87, completed under pressure from his publisher.

This work, influenced by Brahms, is one of the masterpieces of his maturity.

Two further recordings will complete this quadriptych of the Czech composer’s keyboard trios, quartets and quintets.


Track Listing:


Piano Quartet No. 1 in D major, Op 23
Piano Quartet No. 2 in E flat, Op. 87

Miguel Da Silva (viola)
Busch Trio