Respighi: Roman Trilogy - Reiner, Ormandy, Dorati (CD)

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Philadelphia Orchestra, Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, Fritz Reiner, Eugene Ormandy, Antal Dorati

“These legendary Pines and Fountains, recorded in Chicago still have the power to astonish, by the sheer quality of the orchestral playing and the richly translucent sound and incredibly subtle detail … wonderful internal balances in the music’s quieter passages are a credit to conductor and engineers … playing is quite glorious and many touches from the percussion add to the uniquely atmospheric quality” “Ormandy’s Feste Romane has great electricity and enormous excitement … the Philadelphia playing is fabulous…” (Church Windows): “Matins of St. Clara – the best musically, a vein of quiet melancholy, and a majestic St.Gregory the Great … Dorati has a real outing with his orchestra, which plays with utmost abandon”

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The Pines of Rome / Pini di Roma (1924)
[1] Pines of the Villa Borghese 2:43
[2] Pines near a Catacomb 6:44
[3] Pines of the Janiculum Hill 6:27
[4] Pines of the Appian Way 5:11

\The Fountains of Rome / Fontane di Roma (1916)
[5] Fontana di Valle Giulia all’alba (Giulia Valley Fountain at daybreak) 4:38
[6] Fontana del Tritone al mattino (Triton Fountain in the morning) 2:24
[7] Fontana di Trevi al meriggio (Trevi Fountain at midday) 3:18
[8] Fontana di Villa Medici al tramonto (Villa Medici Fountain at sunset) 5:21

Feste Romane / Festivals of Rome (1928)

[9] Circenses (Circuses) 4:31
[10] Il giubileo (The Jubilee) 7:03
[11] L’ottobrata (The October Festival) 7:59
[12] La Befana (The Epiphany) 5:35

Church Windows (Movements 3 and 4 only) (1926)
[13] Il mattutino di Santa Chiara (The Matins of Santa Chiara) 4:56
[14] San Gregorio Magno (St. Gregory the Great) 9:06