Schubert: String Quintet in C major (CD)

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Aeolian Quartet


“a virile performance of what is arguably Schubert’s greatest chamber work. Their style is direct with no mannerisms whatsoever … depth of concentration that the players convey in every bar… Finale is fresh and rustic-sounding … In the slow movement (they) adopt the slowest possible adagio.. the inner tension (of which) holds one breathless through hushed pianissimos of the most intense beauty … This is a clear first bargain choice, and there are few premium-priced discs which approach let alone match its intensity” (Penguin Guide, 3 stars)

Schubert: Quintet in C major, Op.163, D956 


  • [1] I allegro ma non troppo 15:45
  • [2] II adagio 15:31
  • [3] III Scherzo: presto 12:06
  • [4] IV allegretto 10:25


Mozart: Divertimento in D major, K.136 / “Salzburg Symphony No.1”


  • [5] I allegro 5:37
  • [6] II andante 7:16
  • [7] III presto 3:42