Glinka: Orchestral Dances 'Kamarinskaya' (CD)

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Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra

“almost 80 minutes of Russian-sourced dance music by Glinka and all in vivacious, colourful and spatially well-upholstered recordings. Ballet recordings conducted by Ermler are already well known. Here we are treated to the pointedly delicate, airily danceable and charming music from Ruslan, the Paganini-style bel canto and chuckle of the Dance for violin and orchestra.. (while) Demchenko is a gracious conductor creating space for these Bellinian confections drizzled over with a Russian accent” (Rob Barnett, MusicWeb) “Kamarinskaya, another hugely influential work (Tchaikovsky wrote that the ‘Russian symphonic school is all in Kamarinskaya, just as the whole oak is contained in the acorn’)” (James Murray)

Dances from Ruslan & Lyudmila Mark Ermler, 1994

  • [1] Dances in Naina´s Castle 14:56
  • [2] Eastern Dances in the Black Sea Castle 7:25
  • [3] Dance for Violin and Orchestra 8:23
    Irina Lebedeva (violin), Boris Demchenko, 1992
  • [4] Dance for Oboe & Cello with Orchestra 7:54
    oboe Anatoly Lyubimov, cello Fedor Luzhanov,
    Boris Demchenko, Moscow 1992
  • [5] Andante Cantabile & Rondo 11:50
    Boris Demchenko, Moscow 1992
  • [6] Majestic Polonaise 4:35
    Ilmar Lapins, Moscow 1994 
    Dances from Ivan Susanin Vladimir Fedoseyev, 1984
  • [7] Valse 5:56
  • [8] Krakowiak 5:47
  • [9] Mazurka 4:39
  • [10] Kamarinskaya 6:34
    Konstantin Ivanov, Moscow 1982