Bach, J.S: Motet BWV227 & Sacred Part-Songs (CD)

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King's College Choir Cambridge, David Willcocks, Simon Preston

“It’s rather nice to go back to the King’s way, to the old firm of Willcocks and Preston, and remember what it was that pleased us then. We were not ashamed in those days to accept Bach as a decent Englishman, and we liked to hear his church music in a devotional context. BWV numbers aid the listener in the Schemelli Gesangbuch items, and the Bartholomew translation of the motet has been renovated. Frankly, it is a lovely and moving record, which will appeal to far more people than any amount of authenticity—and learned folk can enjoy it as a period piece. There is still a need for Bach in English” (Gramophone)

Motet No.3: Jesu meine Freude / Jesu, Priceless Treasure (BWV 227)
with Bernard Richards (cello), Francis Baines (double bass), Simon Preston (organ)

1. Chorale: Jesu, priceless treasure 1.44
2. Chorus: So there is now no condemnation 4.13
3. Chorale: In Thine arm I rest me 1.47
4. Trio: Thus then, the law of the Spirit 1.02
5. Chorus: Death I do not fear thee 2.57
6. Chorus: Ye are not of the flesh 3.25
7. Chorale: Hence with earthly treasure 1.44
8. Trio: If therefore Christ abide in you 2.10
9. Chorale: Fare Thee well that errest 3.34
10. Chorus: If by his spirit God 2.11
11. Hence all fears and sadness 1.55

Die Geistliche Lieder und Arien / Sacred Part-Songs
12. O Jesu so meek, O Jesu so kind (BWV 493) 2.59
13. Jesus is this dark world’s light (BWV 474) 2.30
14. Lord, pour not Thy vengeance on me (BWV 463) 2.56
15. Now is the mournful time (BWV 450) 4.43
16. It is finished (BWV 458) 3.50
17. Breath of God, life giving (BWV 445) 2.42
18. God liveth still (BWV 461) 2.31

St. John Passion (trans. A.Raeburn) with the Philomusica of London / David Willcocks
19. Chorus: Lord, our redeemer 9.55
20. Chorus: Rest calm, O body pure and holy…
Chorale: Lord Jesu, thy dear angel send 11.01