Lassus: Requiem, Music for Easter Sunday (CD)

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Pro Cantione Antiqua, Bruno Turner, Mark Brown

3 Stars! “Includ[es] the glorious Aurora lucis rutilat for two 5-part choirs, and the Magnificat, based on the motet, plus Mark Brown’s fine performance of the 4-part Requiem.”
— Penguin Guide“Extraordinary range of musical effects… from pure homophony, sometimes spiced with plangent dissonance, to counterpoint of some complexity. … The four voices blend well and produce a rich and vibrant tone. Speeds [are] well chosen, stately and consistent, a
nd this combined with small voices allows the detail of the music to be heard with admirable clarity. … Each singer, and how expert they are, [are] firmly positioned and spaced between the loudspeakers.”
— Gramophone

An acclaimed Hyperion recording of early polyphonic masterpieces returns – at an unbeatable value price!