Chopin: Favourite Nocturnes (CD)

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Kathryn Stott

“Kathryn Stott’s Chopin is very romantic, seldom understated, with a wide dynamic range… she can change from a raptly gentle manner to a passionate ardour, yet …she touches the listener by her very calmness.”
— Penguin Guide
“Right from the start she opens your ears to the mystery of shadow-land and night. Her playing is both deeply felt and sensitive, and always with melody beguilingly sung. … I’ve rarely enjoyed it more.”
— Penguin Guide

The iconoclastic British independent classical label Unicorn Records achieved a global reputation for showcasing rare and worthy repertoire as wewwl as both emerging and underrated artists — and always in superbly engineered recordings. One of the first “breakthrough” artists launched by the label was pianist Kathryn Stott, whose remarkable Chopin recital, an outstanding release from the label’s early years, returns to the international catalogue at a super-value price.

Frédéric Chopin

  • 1 Nocturne, Op.9 No.2 3:57
  • 2 Nocturne, Op.15 No.1 5:00
  • 3 Nocturne, Op.15 No.2 3:07
  • 4 Nocturne, Op.27 No.1 5:00
  • 5 Nocturne, Op.27 No.2 6:15
  • 6 Nocturne, Op.32 No.1 4:33
  • 7 Nocturne, Op.48 No.1 6:19
  • 8 Nocturne, Op.55 No.1 4:31
  • 9 Nocturne, Op.55 No.2 5:24
  • 10 Nocturne, Op.62 No.2 5:30
  • 11 Nocturne, Op.72 No.1 3:18
  • 12 Nocturne, Op. Posth. in C# minor 3:58
  • 13 Fantasie Impromptu, Op.66 5:02
  • 14 Barcarolle 7:50

Kathryn Stott, piano 7:50