Rachmaninov: Preludes, Etudes-Tableaux (CD)

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Sviatoslav Richter

*** “The playing is of a rare order of mastery and leaves strong and powerful resonances. Richter’s conception goes far beyond the abundant virtuosity the music calls for.”—Penguin Guide

It has been more than a decade since the death of Soviet pianist Sviatoslav Richter, but his reputation and fame continues to grow, and his recordings continue to be among the most sought-after classical piabno recordings ever issued. While his major label recordings have rarely been out of circulation, the many recordings he made for indie labels have often proven elusive – and commanded stratospheric prices on the used and auction markets. Alto is pleased to return to the catalogue some of Richter’s most sought-after sessions, once available on the independent UK-based label Olympia and now available for the first time at a super-value price.

Sergei Rachmaninoff

Etudes-tableaux, Op.33

  • 1 No.9 in c-sharp minor, Grave 2:39
  • 2 No.3 in d minor, Moderato 2:53
  • 3 No.6 in e-flat minor, Non allegro 1:40

Etudes-tableaux, Op.39

  • 4 No.1 in c minor, Allegro agitato 2:54
  • 5 No.2 in a minor, Lento assai 7:00
  • 6 No.3 in f-sharp minor, Allegro molto 2:46
  • 7 No.4 in b minor, Allegro assai 3:35
  • 8 No.9 in d minor, Allegro moderato, tempo di marcia 3:41
  • 9 No.7 in c minor, Lento 6:57

Preludes, Op.23

  • 10 No.1 in f-sharp minor, Largo 3:52
  • 11 No.2 in B-flat Major, Maestoso 3:24
  • 12 No.4 in D Major, Andante cantabile 4:12
  • 13 No.5 in g minor, Alla marcia 3:44
  • 14 No.7 in c minor, Allegro 2:24
  • 15 No.8 in A-flat Major, Allegro vivace 3:06

Preludes, Op.32

  • 16 No.1 in C Major, Allegro vivace 1:11
  • 17 No.2 in Bb-flat minor, Allegretto 3:02
  • 18 No.6 in f minor, Allegro appassionato 1:18
  • 19 No.7 in F Major, Moderato 2:10
  • 20 No.9 in A Major, Allegro moderato 2:34
  • 21 No.10 in b minor, Lento 2:21
  • 22 No.12 in g-sharp minor, Allegro 2:19

Recorded at 1984, Salzburg, and 1971
Originally released on Olympia