Myaskovsky: Complete Symphonic Works - Volume 15 (CD)

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Russian Federation Academic Symphony Orchestra, Evgeny Svetlanov

In partnership with UK-based independent label Olympia, Alto is pleased to present the fifteenth volume in the groundbreaking recorded retrospective of Soviet composer Nikolai Myaskovsky’s complete orchestral works, one of the last great recording projects undertaken by Russian conductor Evgeny Svetlanov prior to his death.

  • [1-3] Links, Op.65 (26:10)
  • [4] Slav Rhapsody, Op.71 (11:33)
  • [5-7] Serenade No.1 in E-flat Major, Op.32 No.1 (17:24)
  • [8-10] Sinfonietta in A Major, Op.10 (20:17)

Total playing time — 70:42
Recorded in the Great Hall Moscow Conservatory by L. Abelian
© 2000 Evgeny Svetlanov
© 2001 Olympia CD Ltd, London
Release under license from OlympiaCD Ltd, London