MacDowell: Piano Concertos Nos.1 & 2 (CD)

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Donna Amato, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul Freeman

Penguin Guide Highest Rating

“[Piano Concerto No.2 is] fresh and tuneful, redolent of Mendelssohn and Saint-Saëns. Donna Amato’s scintillating performance is entirely winning, and she is equally persuasive in the a minor Concerto. This music needs polish and elegance as well as fire and Paul Freeman’s accompaniments supply all three. … [The recording] has an agreeable ambient warmth. Highly rewarding coupling in all respects.” – Penguin Guide

Alto is pleased to return to general availability one of the most sought-after recordings of American Romantic music: Donna Amato’s remarkable interpretation of the two Piano Concertos of Edward MacDowell. Originally released by Olyumpia records, this acclaimed rogram has been expanded with newly recorded secetions from MacDowell’s evocative miniatures for solo piano, the New England Idyls.

Edward MacDowell
Piano Concerto No.1 in a minor, Op.15

  • [1] Maestoso – Allegro con fuoco 11:02
  • [2] Andante tranquillo 7:35
  • [3] Presto 7:26

Piano Concerto No.2 in d minor, Op.23

  • [4] Larghetto calmato – Poco piu mosso e con passione 14:17
  • [5] Presto giocoso 5:18
  • [6] Largo – Molto allegro 8:13

New England Idyls

  • [7] To a Wild Rose 1:29
  • [8] An Old Garden 2:03
  • [9] Midsummer 1:36
  • [10] Midwinter 2:41
  • [11] With Sweet Lavender 1:39
  • [12] In Deep Woods 1:57
  • [13] Indian Idyl 1:49
  • [14] To an Old White Pine 1:43
  • [15] From Puritan Days 1:35
  • [16] From a Log Cabin 2:21
  • [17] The Joy of Autumn 2:30

Concertos recorded All Saint’s Tooting, London, 1985
Producer: Antony Hodgson
Engineer: Bob Auger
Original issue: Olympia OCD 353
Sponsored by Pianists Foundation of America

Solo Music recorded Kresge Recital Hall, Carnegie Mellon University, July 11, 2007
Engineer: Harold Walls
Piano technician: Peter Stumpf
Editing, Mastering: Chris Rice
Thanks to Carnegie Mellon University’s Administration for their support.