The Chamber Music - The Accent Recordings 1978-2007 (20CD)

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Sigiswald Kuijken

Sigiswald Kuijken is probably the most important artist of the Accent label, from the start of the label until today.

For the celebration of his 75th birthday (February 2019), Accent release this box containing all of his solo recordings and also his collaborations in various chamber ensembles, playing viol, violin, or viola da spalla.

All these recordings were made between 1979 and 2008.

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Disk Listing:

  • CD1 - English Viol Music
  • CD2 - Late French Viiol Music
  • CD3 - Music for 2 Viol
  • CD4-5 - Couperin Les Nations (1722)
  • CD6 - Rameau Pieces de clavecin en concerts (1741)
  • CD7 - Corelli Violin Sonatas Op 5
  • CD8 - German Baroque Chamber Music
  • CD9-10 - JS Bach Cello Suites
  • CD11 - Haydn Trios Op 38
  • CD12 - Haydn Trios Hob.XI
  • CD13-14 - Haydn Quartets Op 5
  • CD15 - Mozart Flute Quartets
  • CD16-20 Mozart Violin Sonatas

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The Classical Music Collector

"Celebrating the 75th birthday of violinist Sigiswald Kuijken, this second box set of 20 Chamber Music  CDs includes an extraordinary range of music, from 17th century works for viol to Haydn Trios and Mozart Violin Sonatas, with a dusting of Boismortier, Corelli, Couperin and more, all performed with Kuijkens’ customary grace and wit. Most interesting of all, is his set of Bach Cello Suites; not transcribed, as other violinists have done, but played on the Cello de spalla, ‘shoulder-cello’, an instrument midway in size between viola and cello (it is also sometimes called the Viola de spalla) and played on the shoulder like a violin (with a strap!). There is some evidence that this was the instrument Bach had in mind when he wrote for Piccolo Cello, as in the 6th Suite. The instrument has a nasal, reedy, but rich tone, and is simply marvellous in these incomparable works. This box set is such a huge and richly varied collection that it would be hard to turn down—it will certainly be appearing on my shelf!" - Chris Dench