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Andrew Blanch

Spain's most beautiful classical guitar solos brought to life with passion and sensitivity by Australian classical guitarist, Andrew Blanch.

Andrew has been making a splash in recent years with frequent concert performances, a number of competition prizes and widespread success of his debut CD Spanish Guitar Music. Soundboard Magazine (USA) called Spanish Guitar Music “one of the best debut albums I’ve ever heard”, Limelight Magazine (Australia) gave it 4 stars praising his “unique gifts” and the Melbourne Guitar Foundation has declared Andrew “one of Australia’s foremost classical guitarists”.

Growing up on the beaches of Sydney’s east, Andrew left for Canberra at the age of 18 to study with renowned guitarist Timothy Kain. After more than five years under Kain’s mentorship, Andrew has since returned to Sydney, and frequently gives concerts around the country and abroad including recitals in Paris, London, Washington DC and a concerto performance with the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Alumni Orchestra. He excelled on the competition circuit with over ten major prizes including First Place in both the Melbourne International Guitar Competition (2016) and the Whitworth-Roach Classical Music Competition (2015).

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Manuel De Falla
1. The Miller’s Dance
2. The Fisherman’s Story
3. Song of the Will o' the Wisp
4. Recuerdos de la Alhambra

Francesco Tárrega
4. Recuerdos de la Alhambra

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
24 Caprichos de Goya, Op. 195
5. No. 18. El sueño de la razón produce monstruos
6. No. 20. Obsequio a el maestro
7. No. 16. Brabísimo!

Isaac Albéniz 
8. Sevilla
9. Malagueña

Miguel Llobet
Three Catalan Folksongs
10. Cançó del lladre
11. La filadora
12. El testament d'Amèlia
13. Scherzo-Vals

Joaquín Turina
14. Fandanguillo

Domenico Scarlatti
15. Sonata in G Major, K. 146
16. Sonata in A Minor, K. 175

Francesco Tárrega
16. Carnival of Venice

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“What is it about classical guitar players that they have such an innate connection to their instrument and its music? Is it that they cuddle their guitar with such intimacy? In his recital, Andrew Blanch provided no answers; his connection was archetypal…

…The very personable Blanch drew his audience into a private, calming and uplifting world of delicious expression and exquisite phrasing. He explored every nuance of his guitar’s range of moods and sounds…

..Andrew Blanch is a worthy inclusion in the stable of Australian classical guitarists. His style, personality, program choices and virtuosity will take him to the world and great acclaim. His debut CD, “Spanish Guitar Music”, released earlier this year proves it.”
Clinton White, City News

“Yes, this is a classic ‘calling card’ recording mostly comprising safe, familiar repertoire (the Castelnuovo-Tedesco will perhaps be less familiar to casual listeners). But that’s the idea: how better to measure Blanch’s unique gifts than by comparing them with other guitarists playing the same works?

Impeccably produced by Timothy Kain, this disc secures this young musician’s place amongst a glittering Australian classical guitar constellation. 4 stars.”
Will Yeoman, Limelight Magazine

“Andrew Blanch is the real deal: a classical guitarist with the technique and musicality to put a personal stamp on some popular Spanish pieces, while assembling a program containing less conventional items as well. The result is extremely enjoyable from start to finish, smartly assembled for continuous listening, and above all honest. 9/10 artistic quality, 9/10 sound quality”
David Hurwitz, Classics Today

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