Alkan: Concerto & Symphony for Solo Piano (SACD)

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Paul Wee

This album of Alkan is the debut recording by Australian pianist Paul Wee, featuring Alkan's Concerto for solo piano and Symphony for solo piano for the BIS label.

These fiendishly difficult works are seldom performed and are recorded here by Paul Wee with exceptional colour and panache. This is particularly remarkable given that Paul's main job is as a London barrister!

Paul trained both as a lawyer and a concert pianist but ultimately decided to follow law as his career and keep piano playing as his 'love'.

Excitingly, we are able to offer this extraordinary CD for sale in Australia two months ahead of the rest of the world.

Please note this CD is released in a cardboard BioPak.

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Symphony for Solo Piano
Nos 4-7 of Douze études dans tous les tons mineurs, Op. 39 (1857)

  • 1. I. Allegro
  • 2. II. Marche funèbre. Andantino
  • 3. III. Menuet
  • 4. IV. Finale. Presto

Concerto for Solo Piano
Nos 8-10 of Douze études dans tous les tons mineurs, Op. 39 (1857)

  • 5. I. Allegro assai
  • 6. II. Adagio
  • 7. III. Allegretto alla barbaresca