Gambini: 8 Chamber Romances (CD)

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Benedetta Torre, Davide Mingozzi

Carlo Andrea Gambini (1819-1865) was born in Genua, Italy. His talent was recognized at an early age and he developed into one of the most prominent concert pianists of his time.

As a composer Gambini was a son of his time, his style is highly romantic, influenced by the Italian opera and its grandiloquence, pomp and sentiment. He composed a substantial oeuvre of operas, chamber music, piano works and vocal music.

This CD presents the first recording of 8 Chamber Romances by Gambini, for soprano and piano. Alternating charm and drama they imbue the chamber music setting with a style rich in theatrical references, simulating (for example in the ballad Zulima) real opera scenes in the form of recitative and aria (Sola...!; La vedova).

Beautifully sung by soprano Benedetta Torre, winner of the Concorso Renata Tebaldi. She sang a.o. at the Salzburg Festival and with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Riccardo Muti (Mozart Requiem). The pianist Davide Mingozzi plays a superb Pleyel piano from 1842.

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8 Chamber Romances

  1. Invito al mare Ed. Lucca, 1847
  2. Sola…! Ed. Ricordi, 1847
  3. Al lido Enclosed to «L’Italia musicale», 1847, No.18 - 5 November
  4. La viola Ed. G. Canti, c. 1847 From Album vocale
  5. La vedova
  6. Il salice
  7. Zulima
  8. È morta! Ed. Ricordi, 1853

From Pensieri melodici Op.39 Ed. Lucca, 1847

  1. No.1 Notturno
  2. No.3 Menuetto et Trio