Arvo Pärt: Magnificat, Stabat Mater (CD)

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Le Nuove Musiche, Krijn Koetsveld

Arvo Pärt (born 1935) is without doubt one of the best-known and –loved composer of today. His highly personal style, influenced by Gregorian Chant, is based on slowly shifting patterns, tintinnabuli (little bells), creating a meditative and hallucinatory effect, a visionary world of spiritual contemplation. Pärt’s sacred choral works enjoy a huge popularity with both the traditional classical audience as well as an open-minded new generation.

This new recording presents two of Pärt’s choral masterworks: the Stabat Mater and Magnificat, as well as the Maria-Antifonen and the Nunc Dimittis, all dealing with the complex emotions of Maria, Mother of God, in deepest sorrow and bliss.

Excellent performances by Le Nuove Musiche, conducted by Krijn Koetsveld, who delivered a remarkable achievement in recording the complete Madrigals by Monteverdi for Brilliant Classics. Their experience in performing Renaissance vocal music is paying off in these deeply felt performances of 20th century choral masterworks.

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Stabat Mater

1. Magnificat (1989)
2. Nunc dimittis (2001)

Maria Antifonen (1988, 1991)
3. O Weisheit 
4. O Adonai 
5. O Spross aus Isias Wurzel 
6. O Schüssel Davids 
7. O Morgenstern 
8. O König aller Völker 
9. O Immanuel 

10. Stabat Mater (1985)