Monteverdi: Complete Madrigals (12CD)

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Le Nuove Musiche, Krijn Koetsveld

This set presents the complete recording of all nine books of Madrigals by Claudio Monteverdi, as performed by Le Nuove Musiche conducted by Krijn Koetsveld.

In these madrigals, written over the complete life span of the composer, we can follow the transformation of music history, from the “prima prattica” to the “seconda prattica”, from madrigal to opera, from old school polyphony to daring drama, the liberation and expression of human emotion in works of heart wrenching beauty.

The vocal ensemble “Le Nuove Musiche” is an elite group of the best vocalists of the Dutch Early Music scene. Conductor Krijn Koetsveld is a highly respected keyboard player (harpsichord/organ), conductor and scholar. The previously released single issues have met with great international acclaim: “5 stars” (Volkskrant), “A polished, well-balanced sound.. consistently musical and intelligent” (Early Music), “Again a convincing issue…excellent throughout” (, “Performance: 10. …an .incredibly beautiful, excellent recording..”(Dutch magazine Luister).

Including liner notes for each book and sung texts are available online.

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  • Monteverdi: Il primo libro de madrigali, 1587
  • Monteverdi: Il secondo libro de madrigali, 1590
  • Monteverdi: Il terzo libro de madrigali, 1592
  • Monteverdi: Il quarto libro de madrigali, 1603
  • Monteverdi: Il quinto libro de madrigali, 1605
  • Monteverdi: Il sesto libro de madrigali, 1614
  • Monteverdi: Il settimo libro de madrigali, 1619 'Concerto'
  • Monteverdi: Il nono libro de madrigali, 1651
  • Monteverdi: Il ottavo libro de madrigali, 1638 'Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi'
  • Monteverdi: Altri canti d'Amor (Book 8)
  • Monteverdi: Altri canti di Marte (Book 8)
  • Monteverdi: Ardo e scoprir, ahi lasso (Book 8)
  • Monteverdi: Ardo, avvampo
  • Monteverdi: Armato il cor d’adamantina fede
  • Monteverdi: Chi vol haver felice e lieto il core (Book 8)
  • Monteverdi: Dolcissimo uscignolo
  • Monteverdi: Gira il nemico, insidioso amore (Book 8)
  • Monteverdi: Hor che'l ciel e la terra (Book 8)
  • Monteverdi: Il Ballo delle ingrate
  • Monteverdi: Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda
  • Monteverdi: Lamento della Ninfa (Book 8)
  • Monteverdi: Mentre vaga Angioletta
  • Monteverdi: Ninfa che scalza il piede (Book 8)
  • Monteverdi: O sia tranquillo il mare (Book 8)
  • Monteverdi: Ogni amante e guerrier
  • Monteverdi: Perche t'en fuggi, o Fillide? (Book 8)
  • Monteverdi: Se vittorie sì belle
  • Monteverdi: Su su, su pastorelli vezzosi (Book 8)
  • Monteverdi: Vago augelletto (Book 8)