Pachelbel: Complete Keyboard Music (13CD)

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Simone Stella

Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706) was one of the most important organist/composers of the South German Organ School in the 17th century. A child prodigy he soon became a professional organist and he held important posts at several German courts before finally settling in Nuremberg, where he was organist and sought-after teacher.

Pachelbel’s music enjoyed enormous popularity during his lifetime. His style was influenced by Froberger and Kerll, as well as by Italian composers Frescobaldi and Carissimi. He employed a lucid, uncomplicated contrapuntal style that emphasized melodic and harmonic clarity over virtuosity and dense complexity. His keyboard works include Toccatas, Fugues, Fantasias, Chaconnes, Preludes and Chorale Preludes and the Hexachordum Apollinis, a series of 6 Arias and Variations.

Simone Stella is one of the foremost keyboard players of today. He has a substantial discography to his name, including the complete keyboard works by Buxtehude, Walther, Froberger, Reincken and Böhm, a colossal achievement! His playing is fed by a deep understanding of the style and technique: free, joyous and always full of character and affect.

The extensive liner notes in the booklet are written by the artist.

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  • 71 Chorale Preludes (including ‘Erster Theil etlicher Choräle’)
  • 9 Chorale Variations (including ‘Musicalische Sterbens- Gedancken’)
  • 6 Chaconnes
  • 2 Fantasias
  • 23 Fugues
  • 95 Magnificat Fugues
  • 8 Preludes
  • 4 Preludes & Fugues
  • 3 Ricercars
  • 14 Toccatas
  • 2 Toccatas & Fugues


  • 11 Arias & Variations (including ‘Hexachordum Apollinis’)
  • 6 Fantasias
  • 19 Suites