Dussek: Complete Piano Sonatas Volume 6 (CD)

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Viviana Sofronitsky

The continuation of an exciting new project: the 6th volume of the complete piano sonatas by Dussek!

Johann Ladislaus Dussek (1760-1812) was born in rural Bohemia. He led a restless life, travelling Europe as a keyboard virtuoso and settling in several European capitals, notably Paris and London, where he became a fashionable pianist and teacher. His close connection to piano manufacturer Broadwood resulted in important innovations, notably the extension of the keyboard to 6 octaves.

Dussek’s style is rich, harmonically expressive and pianistically challenging, Classicism on the brink of Early Romanticism.

On this CD Viviana Sofronitsky, one of the foremost fortepianists of today (and daughter of the legendary Russian pianist Vladimir Sofronitsky) plays the three early Sonatas Op. 9 and the mature, substantial Sonata Op. 75. She plays a superb copy of a Walter pianoforte, made by Paul McNulty. Walter was considered the best instrument builder of his time, Mozart praised his pianos and owned one, whereas Beethoven thought highly of them.

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DUSSEK Complete Piano Sonatas . volume 6
Sonata Op.9 No.1
1. I. 
2. II. 
Sonata Op.9 No.2
3. I. 
4. II. 
5. III. 
Sonata Op.9 No.3
6. I. 
7. III. 
Sonata Op.75
8. I. 
9. II. 
10. III.