Lonati: Complete Sinfonias (2CD)

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Ensemble Giardino di Delizie, Ewa Anna Augustynowicz

Although Carlo Ambrogio Lonati (1645-1712) was born in Naples he spent the best part of his life in Rome, where he was called “The Queen’s hunchback”, as he was appointed at the Roman court of the Queen of Sweden.

Lonati wrote a great number of vocal works, however it was his instrumental music which distinguished him. He himself was a professional singer as well as a violinist. His violin sonatas and trio sonatas are the most important works in this genre before Corelli.

This new recording presents the 10 Trio Sonatas, or Sinfonias, written for one or two violins, cello and harpsichord/organ. The skillful counterpoint and the brilliant virtuosity provide the instruments with every possibility to shine and dazzle in dialogue with each other.

The ensemble Giardino di Delizie is a Roman female Baroque group, researching and performing forgotten treasures from the Italian and Polish Baroque. They played in such ensembles as Europa Galante, Les Eléments, Quatuor Mosaiques and others.

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  1. Sinfonia a 3 in C*
  2. Sinfonia a 3 in G minor*
  3. Sinfonia a 3 in A minor**
  4. Sinfonia a 3 in D**°
  5. Sinfonia a 3 in G minor*


  1. Sinfonia a 3 in G minor**
  2. Sinfonia a 3 in A*
  3. Sinfonia a 3 in A minor*
  4. Sinfonia a 3 in C**
  5. Sinfonia a 3 in D**

Ensemble Giardino di Delizie
Ewa Anna Augustynowicz baroque violin, artistic director
Katarzyna Solecka baroque violin
Cristina Vidoni baroque cello
Lucia Adelaide di Nicola harpsichord/organ
*Katarzyna Solecka 1st violin
**Ewa Anna Augustynowicz 1st violin
° Diana Fazzini viola da gamba