Piatti: Music For Cello and Piano (CD)

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Andrea Noferini, Roberto Plano

Alfredo Piatti was the “Paganini of the Cello”, as his admirer Franz Liszt called him, having given him a valuable Amati cello. Piatti was born in 1822 in Bergamo. His talent was soon evident, and he became a famous cellist, traveling all over Europe, meeting influential artists like Mendelssohn, Joachim, Grieg, Clara Schumann and Liszt. In 1846 he settled in London where he was appointed First Cello in Her Majesty’s Theatre and Covent Garden.

Piatti’s cello works are high quality salon pieces, of a great melodic invention and stunning and ground-breaking virtuosity.

Italian cellist Andrea Noferini and pianist Roberto Plano deliver exciting performances of these highly attractive works. Noferini already recorded several successful Brilliant Classics albums with works by Sgambati, Martucci and Offenbach (Duos with Giovanni Sollima).

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  1. Fantasia Sopra Alcuni Motivi della Gemma di Vergy by Geatano Donizetti for cello and piano (1840)
  2. Air Baskyrs Op.8 for cello and piano (1844) 
  3. L’Abbandono Op.1 for cello and piano (1842) 
  4. Capriccio over a Theme from “Niobe” by Giovanni Pacini Op.22 for cello solo (1843) 
  5. Pioggia d’Aprile Studio Capriccio for cello and piano 
  6. Notturno Op.20 for cello and piano (1865) 
  7. La Bergamasca Op.14 for cello and piano (1852) 
  8. O Swallow, Swallow for soprano, cello and piano
    Joanna Klisowska (soprano)
  9. La Sera Nocturne for soprano, cello and piano (1840)
    Joanna Klisowska (soprano)