Puccini: Gianni Schicchi (Blu-ray)

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Plácido Domingo, Los Angeles Opera, Woody Allen

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Plácido Domingo (Gianni Schicchi)
Arturo Chacón-Cruz
Andriana Chuchman
Greg Fedderly
Meredith Arwady
Stacey Tappan
Craig Colclough
Peabody Southwell
(La Ciesca),
Philip Cokorinos
(Betto di Signa)
Liam Bonner
Isaiah Morgan
E. Scott Levin
(Maestro Spinelloccio)
Kihun Yoon
(Ser Amantio di Nicolao)
Daniel Armstrong
Gabriel Vamvulescu
































Los Angeles Opera Orchestra, Grant Gershon (conductor)
















Directed by Woody Allen
















Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi is the only opera Woody Allen has ever staged. The 2015 version on this release is a revival of Woody Allen’s 2008 production for L.A. Opera, a hilarious parody of classical Italian cinema stereotypes. Features Plácido Domingo in the leading role as Gianni Schicchi.


13th century Florence; Like vultures, family members gather round the bed of the recently deceased aristocrat, Buoso Donati, to mourn his passing, while secretly hoping to inherit his great fortune. Betto, Donati's estranged brother-in-law, has heard that Donati has left his entire fortune to a monastery. The family begins to frantically search for Donati's will. It is finally found by Rinuccio, the son of Donati's cousin, Zita and their fears have come true.


Rinuccio pulls Zita aside and asks for permission to marry Lauretta, the daughter of Gianni Schicchi. She tells him that he can marry whomever he pleases once he gains his inheritance. Rinuccio sends a note to Gianni Schicchi, a nouveau riche man from the country and his daughter Lauretta. Rinuccio suggests that Schicchi is the only person clever enough to save them. First reluctant to fulfil his wish, Lauretta begs him (singing the famous "O bio babbino caro"), and Schicchi finally changes his mind.


When Schicchi puts his plan in motion, he commands that everyone present mustn't tell anyone of Donati's death. They move the lifeless body into another room and call upon the doctor. Schicchi hides behind the bed curtains when the doctor arrives. Disguising himself as Donati, he begins to create a new will. He lists the items that each family member has bribed him to include, which delights each one. However, he states that he leaves his house, mill, and mule to his "good friend, Gianni Schicchi." The family is instantly furious, but they are unable to say a word. When the new will is notarized and the official leaves, the family erupts into a fuming argument. Schicchi kicks them all out of the house, which now belongs to him. Rinuccio and Lauretta stay behind after Schicchi approved their union.
















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