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Simone Dinnerstein

Simone Dinnerstein (piano)


MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra, Kristjan Järvi


Simone celebrates the time-honoured link between France and America through 3 different composers - Maurice Ravel, George Gershwin and Philip Lasser.


Featuring the world-premiere recording of piano concerto ‘The circle and the child’ by composer Philip Lasser (whose mother is French and father is American) who wrote the concerto especially for Simone Dinnerstein in 2012. The concerto is an amalgam of both French and American musical sound worlds while being based on a chorale by Bach “Ihr Gestirn’, Ihr hohlen Lüfte” (You stars in heaven, you vaulted sky).


The title and cover artwork refer to the New York subway station and alludes to the French-American connection as the Marquis de Lafayette and his French troops helped the American colonists oust the British during the American revolution.

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Rhapsody in Blue


Concerto for Piano and Orchestra 'The Circle and The Child'


Piano Concerto in G major

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BBC Music Magazine

March 2015


“These are pugnacious performances in which Dinnerstein's heavily articulated playing is matched by plenty of detail from Kristjan Järvi's Leipzig forces, who capture the spirit even if they don't convince that they can naturally swing it. Sony's sound recording assists: there's the natural spaciousness of surround sound yet a crisp focus on each individual.”

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