Auber: La Sirène (CD)

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Les Métaboles, Orchestre des Frivolites Parisiennes, David Reiland

Auber earned international adulation in the late 1820s for his revolutionary grand opera ‘La Muette de Portici’ and by the time he composed ‘La Sirene,’ the success of which inspired potpourris of its melodies, he occupied a central place in French musical life. The mysterious siren of the title is part of a plot that abounds in fantastic comedy, love, betrayal, farce, and festivity in the lineage of Italian popular theatre. The German poet Heinrich Heine wrote that “La Sirene was received with resounding bravos… The author and the composer know how to amuse us agreeably, and even to enchant us, or to dazzle us by the luminous facets of their spirit.”

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Auber: La sirène, S. 37

Jeanne Crousaud, Dorothée Lorthiois, Benjamin Mayenobe, Jean-Noël Teyssier, Xavier Flabat, Jean-Fernand Setti, Jacques Calatayud

Orchestre des Frivolités Parisiennes, Les Métaboles, David Reiland


1. Overture
2. Act I: Ballade: Quand vient l'ombre silencieuse (Mathéa, Zerlina, Scipion, Bolbaya)
3. Act I: Quintette: Qu'une heureuse rencontre (Zerlina, Mathéa, Scopetto, Scipion, Bolbaya)
4. Act I: Finale: Une idée, à vous Monseigneur (Scopetto, Scipion, Le Duc, Bolbaya) – Couplets: Ô Dieu des flibustiers! (Scopetto) – Quatuor: Ô bonheur qui m’arrive (Scopetto, Scipion, Le Duc, Bolbaya)
5. Act II: Entr'acte – Choeur: Pour étourdir la misère (Scopetto, Pecchione, Choeur) – Air: Qu'est-ce donc, mes amis? (Scopetto)
6. Act II: Couplets: Prends garde, Montagnarde! (Zerlina)
7. Act II: Duo: C'est quel qu'ouvrier? (Zerlina, Scopetto)
8. Act II: Scène et Choeur: Qu'est-ce donc? (Scopetto, Scipion, Bolbaya, Pecchione, Choeur)
9. Act II: Finale: lllustre Bolbaya, venez, on vous demande (Zerlina, Scopetto, Scipion, Le Duc, Bolbaya, Pecchione, Choeur) – Cavatine: Ah! je n'ose pas (Zerlina)
10. Act III: Entr'acte et Choeur: Les chagrins arrière! (Mathéa, Scopetto, Bolbaya, Pecchione, Choeur)
11. Act III: Duo: Je fais mal, je le sais (Zerlina, Scipion)
12. Act III: Finale et Vocalise: Voyez vous là-bas (Zerlina, Mathéa, Scopetto, Scipion, Le Duc, Bolbaya, Choeur)